Plan Bee Farm Brewery — Brewery Show Episode

Keeping it Local at Plan Bee Farm Brewery

Located in Poughkeepsie, New York, Plan Bee Farm Brewery is doing what many “Farm Breweries” are not, and that means using the terms defined by the state of New York with their farm brewers license to create beer using ingredients found entirely within the state. While they continue to grow, owners Evan and Emily Watson are aiming to decrease the radius of ingredient sourcing from within 30 miles, to everything grown on their farm.

While they brew only wild / sour ales, or as Even calls them “Barn Beers,” fermented with their own yeast cultured from their honey bee’s, and lovingly set free in their coolship in the barn brewery. They aim to create beer with local fruits, vegetables and other spices foraged from the region to capture the true flavor of the Hudson Valley.

Learn what regional brewing really is at Plan Bee Farm Brewery, and check them out online in the following places:


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