Bronx Brewery — Brewery Show Episode


The Bronx Brewery was started by Chris Gallant and Damian Brown to share their love of pale ales within the five boroughs of NYC, and regionally. While they focus mainly on the pale ale, they do produce small batch and barrel-aged beer for consumption in the brewery’s tasting room.

Join us as we wander through our own neighborhood for a new season of the Brewery Show, starting with The Bronx Brewery. To find out more about Bronx Brewery you can check them out in person or online at http://thebronxbrewery.com

Now that season 3 is underway, we will slowly release new episodes of the show when we can fit it in. For episode 1, we’ve started with The Bronx Brewery in our own hometown of New York City. Unlike previous seasons with a defined time-limit, we’re going with a rolling schedule because our lives are crazy busy.

Stay tuned for more episodes as we continue to work on them. Be sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for updates. Thanks for watching!

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