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The Strongest of Long Island at Barrier Brewing

The guys at Barrier Brewing are as strong as it gets. We found out about them shortly after they opened their nanobrewery. Evan and Craig met as they were co-workers at Sixpoint. They ventured off to create something of their own. After about 2 years of brewing lots of great beer, many unique styles, they were so well received that expansion was required.

They purchased a new space on Long Island, and a short while after, Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc in New York. They were within the path of damage and almost lost everything. The brewery was mangled, but salvageable. Estimates of up to $100,000 in damage.

They are back on their feet — but it was a trying time. So much so, that multiple breweries on Long Island came to their rescue to help rebuild (and even contract brew for them).

Check out the video for info on how they got started.

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