Brewery Show: The Relaunch

Hello and welcome to our new website. We’re going to start by launching this new little segment of the Brewery Show brand, in brewery profile photo blog format.

As we try to fit episode production into our busy schedules, we may stop by breweries for short visits and that’s where this site will flourish. For every brewery we visit, and don’t have the opportunity to create video content for — at least on that trip — we will grease our journalism wheels (if you can call them wheels… they’re more like squares that roll) and put together something fun and visually appealing.

Our goal is to craft beer stories using words and photography, instead of video, as a way to share our experiences with you. Over the next few weeks and months, you should see some things popping up for past episodes and new visits.

So stay tuned, subscribe and follow along our brewery journey. Cheers!

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