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Take a look into the world of Keegan Ales

Keegan Ales, aptly named after the owner and brewmaster Tommy Keegan, is located in Kingston, NY in an old foundry building built around the 1830’s. After getting his degree in Genetics, he realized that there was more to life than studying so he applied his knowledge to making a beverage he was quite fond of, beer.

One of the best things about them, aside from the beer of course, is what goes into the beer names. They’re fun and quirky, much like Tommy. To name a few: Hurricane Kitty (named after his grandmother who was given that name by the police for always getting ticketed), Mothers Milk Stout, Joe Mama’s Milk (a kicked up version of Mothers Milk with, you guessed it, Joe — cold brewed coffee and higher ABV).

Check out the episode and learn more about Keegan Ales.

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